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Citylaws is best known for its services in immigration. Over the past ten years, our hard work help us preserve the title of best UK immigration law firm. We have assisted thousands of clients, including those needing a sponsor licence (Tier 2 sponsor licence) with a high trust rating based on hundreds of client feedback. Aside from that, we’ve helped many clients secure a skilled worker sponsor license (Tier 2 General) in anticipation of the UK’s exit from the European Union.

How We Can Help You?

You can count on us to help you get a sponsor licence, but we also want to make sure your business remains compliant long-term. Despite the Home Office’s increasing focus on regulatory requirements, we have been able to build processes for sponsor licence holders. Our service extends to all procedures of sponsorship.

What is sponsor licence?

Employers must know which sponsor licence to apply for because it affects the roles in which they can hire foreign workers. There are two types of sponsor licences:

Employers can sponsor people in different types of skilled jobs through worker routes.

Temporary worker channels allow firms to sponsor temporary workers for cultural, humanitarian, religious, or international goals.

How much a sponsor licence application cost?

When the Certificate of Sponsorship is issued, you’ll be accountable for paying the immigration skills fee starting from £1000 (a lower cost is possible in certain cases only).

What are Certificates of Sponsorship?

The Sponsor Management System (SMS) generates a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) after a licence has been given electronically.

The company must first acquire a Certificate of Sponsorship from the Home Office through SMS before it may sponsor a migrant worker. It is necessary that after this has been authorised, a unique reference number be assigned to the worker who will be sponsored by the company.

There are two types of CoS,

Defined CoS

People who are applying from outside the United Kingdom use defined CoS.

Sponsors are required to submit a special CoS application to the Home Office. In most circumstances, the Home Office will grant the specified CoS within one business day.

When applying for a designated CoS, the Home Office may seek further information regarding the applicant’s role, identification process, etc. Therefore, sponsors should be prepared to offer relevant information.

Once a defined CoS has been awarded, it must be assigned to a person within three months; otherwise, it will expire and the procedure must be repeated.

Undefined CoS

If you’re applying from the UK or another country, but don’t fall under the skilled worker category, you’ll need to fill out an Undefined Certificate of Status (CoS).

Undefined certifications are requested when an organisation applies for a sponsor licence. As long as the workers are eligible under the visa route and the sponsor pays the money to assign CoS, there is no limit to how many undefined CoS can be issued.

What if my skilled worker sponsor licence application is denied?

Any new application for a driver’s licence would have to wait six months after the Home Office rejected it, unless there was an error in the Home Office’s evaluation process.

If we think your application was wrongly denied, we may submit a pre-licence error repair on your behalf. Only by filing for a judicial review would the judgement be overturned if the pre-licence error rectification process failed.

Our experts can assist and represent you in appealing a sponsor licence refusal.

What are the benefits of sponsor licence(Tier 2)?

Once an organisation gets a sponsor licence, they are registered as a sponsor with the Home Office and can start giving Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to skilled workers from outside the UK, as long as they meet the requirements.

Many businesses need to be able to hire skilled workers from other countries in order to run well and grow.

How long is the validity of my sponsor licence?

It’s valid for four years and can be renewed afterwards. If the Home Office believes you didn’t fulfil your sponsorship requirements, they may suspend or cancel your licence.

Why my sponsor licence was denied?

The Home Office can reject your application for a variety of reasons. Examples that come to mind include:

How long does it take to get a sponsor licence?

An application for a sponsor licence is typically considered in less than eight weeks. If the application is not processed and recognised as a sponsor right away, businesses should be prepared to wait for two to three months. To expedite the application process, you should provide a detailed explanation of how you fit the standards. Aside from that, the Home Office has a specific structure in which you must provide your supporting documentation.

Why my sponsor licence was denied?

The Home Office can reject your application for a variety of reasons. Examples that come to mind include:

This is not an entire list. If your application for a licence was denied for any reason other than those stated above, we’ll need a copy of the decision letter you received to let you know if the decision can be appealed.

How do I acquire my sponsor ID?

Sponsor licence numbers are assigned to each licenced business and may be found on the letter of decision confirming the license’s issuance. The licence summary page of the SMS includes this number.

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