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Our Self Sponsor Visa Service

Self-sponsorship visas are a new way for business owners to get access to foreign markets like the British SME market and maybe even citizenship. We give you full advice and representation in this UK immigration process.

How We Can Help You?

What is self sponsorship visa?

Self-sponsorship is a way to apply to come to the UK to work for your own business without needing a UK sponsor. This can make it possible for you and your family to live in UK permanently and get British citizenship.

Who can get self sponsorship visa?

We can help you get self sponsorship visa if you are a successful businessperson who has recognised a business opportunity in the United Kingdom, if you have a smart business concept and want to explore your company opportunity or if you want to own a business in UK.

What documents are required to apply for self sponsorship visa?

Your UK company must provide at least these four major documents.

The most recent UK bank statement that demonstrate funds in the account, employer liability insurance, VAT certificate, PAYE Number, and accounts reference number.

How much investment do I need for my UK business?

There is no limit on the investment amount, it can be anything from £25,000 and more.

What happens if my firm underperforms during the 5-year period?

The sponsor licence is valid for 4 years and must be renewed with the Home Office. You can keep your sponsor licence as long as your business is functioning. If your business stops for any reason, you must change your immigration category.

Can I bring my family on self sponsorship visa?

Yes, you can bring your family to UK on self sponsorship visa.

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