James David Parker

James David Parker

James David Parker

Consultant Lawyer
LL.M (International Law)

James David Parker is a London-based Political and Legal Consultant, Trainer, and global speaker with a unique ability to inform and inspire both individuals and audiences. His sessions, seminars and events have been impressive.

James’ book has been published entitled ‘An International Humanitarian Organisation: A United Nations of the People’. The publication is by Cambridge Scholar Publishing, succeeding in being reviewed by their panel of social science professors, distinguished scholars, CBE members and both political and legal experts. They were ranked fourth in the ‘World’s Top Ranked Publishers’ list, as compiled by the Library of Social Science, which is the discipline James’ book is published in.

He has also published articles in the Ecologist and as an expert member of the Global Minds in the Global Journal among names like Amartya Sen, Francis Fukuyama, Pascal Lamy, Jürgen Stark, Madeleine Rees, Mikhail Gorbachev and organisations like the Human Rights Foundation, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

James lectures and trains at a leading organisation, Training Centre, Consultant Lawyer ( Immigration , Asylum Laws) at City Law Practice and for Global Resolutions as a Global Ambassador and Legal and Political Analyst.

James has also been interviewed for a number of different conference and media outlets.

Some of the areas of James’ consultancy work have been as Policy Advisor for the Government on Energy and Climate Change and as an independent Policy Expert for the Green Party on developing their 2015 general election manifesto and a renewable energy charter. James was also an International Policy Advisor, Trustee, Parliamentary Liaison Coordinator for the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO).

Having a life-long interest in politics, during his undergraduate studies he gained an internship out of 200 people with then the Secretary of State for International Development, the Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP; and was also research intern and conference organiser for the Fabian Society, working with the London School of Economics (LSE).

During and after James’ Masters, he was an Advice and Referral Caseworker for the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) and Senior Casework Aide of Refugee and Migrant Justice (RMJ).

He holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Politics and Parliamentary Studies and a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law.

James is an experienced and confident public speaker and has given lectures for a number of conferences, universities and organisations. Examples out of a number were being invited to speak at the Integral European Conference in Budapest, presenting ‘An Integral Approach to Solving the Climate Crisis’ and ‘The Future of International Politics and Law in an Integrated World.’

James has intensively studied political philosophy and legal theory (Jurisprudence), which have both been a contribution to his book.

Mr Rasheed vision is to expand City Law Practice within UK and globally and attract young lawyers and make this profession very lucrative in this Tech World hence investing into latest technology to make Practice more compliant and effective.

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Email: info@citylaws.co.uk

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    Spouse Visa Refusal Appeal UK

    Our Spouse Visa Refusal Appeal Service

    Our immigration lawyers have award-winning experience with difficult UK spouse visa denial appeals. We’ll analyse your case after an initial consultation and advise you on all available alternatives, timescales, and costs. You may be confident that your application won’t fail because you didn’t match the criteria.

    How We Can Help You?

    Citylaws has vast expertise with appeals and judicial reviews for various applications, and we address each case with expert attention and participation. Our success includes complex and tough appeal cases.  Our professionals will prepare documents and represent you in court. Our clients always receive outstanding service and a transparent fee structure with no hidden fees.

    What Are Common Causes for a UK spouse visa refusal?

    UK Spouse visas are often denied for the following reasons:

    You can avoid such circumstances if you contact our lawyers early in the application process.

    Can I appeal a spouse visa refusal?

    A spouse visa that is denied by the Home Office cannot be put under administrative visa review but your sole alternative is to appeal. If the refusal of your spouse visa threatens your right to private life as protected by the “Human Rights Act”, you may be eligible to obtain a hearing.

    How long does the UK spouse visa appeal process take?

    The appeal procedure can take a year or more. We’ll try to settle your matter with the Home Office before visiting the tribunal or court. If a court hearing is inevitable, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

    What if my UK spouse visa is refused?

    In many circumstances, an applicant may be better off submitting a new application rather than appealing, but we recommend contacting us first to clarify that this is the appropriate approach for you. We can assist you to make a fresh Home Office-compliant application. 

    But if it turns out that you should make an appeal, it’s likely that it will be based on your rights under “Article 8” of the “European Convention on Human Rights” (ECHR).

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      ILR Refusal Appeal UK

      Our ILR Refusal Appeal Service

      At Citylaws, our immigration lawyers have vast expertise in appealing ILR refusals and filing Judicial Review cases. From the first contact, until the situation is resolved, we provide continuous service and assistance.

      How We Can Help You?

      If you have already received an ILR/Settlement refusal, the expert lawyers at Citylaws can help you with your appeal or Judicial Review. We can tell you what paperwork you need, help you come up with a plan, and stand in for you in tribunals or court.

      Why ILR applications are refused usually?

      There are various reasons ILR applications are denied. But, some major reasons are:

      What are my options if ILR is denied?

      If your ILR is denied, you have numerous options. We’ll evaluate each option and recommend the best one.

      Some common ways in this case are:

      Resubmit ILR

      If your application was submitted wrongly or missing documents, it may be easy to reapply for ILR. We’ll help you prepare a detailed application so you don’t have to do it again.

      Administrative review

      If you think the immigration officer made a mistake, you can request an administrative review. You have 14 days to appeal your rejection.

      Submit appeal

      “Article 8 of ECHR” is the most typical way to appeal in this case. As it protects private and family life. These appeals demand specialized expertise and representation, which our expert team can provide.

      Judicial review

      Courts use judicial review to review the legitimacy of a UKVI decision. Before requesting

      judicial review, all other options must be used. Our lawyers are professionals in pursuing such cases and follow the pre-action protocol to ensure UKVI reviews the refusal and grants ILR.

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        Human Rights Appeal UK

        Our Human Rights Appeal Service

        Citylaws can help with all aspects of a human rights appeal when family life is denied. This is one area of immigration law that is very hard to understand. Our lawyers have a lot of experience with human rights-based immigration appeals. We have a strong track record of helping our clients reach their goals.

        How We Can Help You?

        We are “SRA-regulated law firm” that is authorised to handle complicated immigration cases. Immigration appeals are a speciality of our skilled attorneys. To ensure your rights are protected, we’ll take care of all the paperwork and represent you in front of the appropriate authorities in UK.

        What is human rights refusal review appeal?

        If you appeal, you ask a judge at an independent court (not the Home Office) to review your application and reverse the denial.

        Where I can submit appeal for human rights application refusal?

        “First-Tier Tribunal” is the first court you can appeal a Home Office refusal to.

        What is proportionality in human rights appeal?

        The courts must weigh a Home Office refusal against the claimant’s private and family life. To determine this, it will evaluate whether the refusal was for national security or to prevent criminal behaviour.

        How long do appeals usually take?

        Your case’s complexity will determine how long it takes to finish your appeal. It can take up to a few months. However, it is essential to highlight that we strive to resolve disputes prior to a tribunal hearing.

        What are your rights under article 8?

        Article 8 protects your private, family life and correspondence.

        Private life term meaning is vast. It means you can live privately without state meddling. It involves:

        Family life includes maintaining family ties. It encompasses your right not to be separated from your family and to retain communication. It involves:

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          EEA Family Visa Refusal Appeal UK

          Our EEA Visa Refusal Service

          We have years of experience in EEA immigration law, are able to advise and represent you, and provide legal counsel and prompt assistance.

          How We Can Help You?

          Citylawyers will help you with your EEA family visa refusal appeal from initial consultation to decision. Clients can expect hassle-free service, regular updates, and clear communication.

          What is EEA family visa refusal appeal?

          Rejected EEA family visa applicants can appeal under the 2016 immigration (EEA) regulations. Refusals for EEA permanent residence card rates are high. So, when applying for an EEA family visa, it’s advised to consult with a lawyer. Contact our experts to help you appeal a denial.

          What Are the main reasons for EEA family visa refusal?

          Many causes lead UKVI to reject EEA family permits and residence cards. Some major reasons are:

          How can I appeal a denied EEA permanent resident card?

          The appeal form can be filled out online, and a fee must be paid online as well. If your EEA permanent residence card application was denied for a cause that can’t be fixed by reapplying, our immigration solicitors and advocates can advise and represent you.

          Firstly,  we’ll write to UKVI to explain our appeal. Because of our experience and ability to construct a solid legal argument for our clients, things may be settled in initial stages. If litigation is inevitable, we will provide strong representation in the tribunal, focusing on achieving the best possible results quickly.

          What is the timeframe for filing an appeal against the denial of a spouse visa?

          If the application was made in the UK and the applicant is in the UK, the appeal against refusal of spouse visa application must be filed within 14 days of the date of the refusal letter.

          If the application was lodged outside the UK, the appeal must be filed within 28 days of the denial letter.

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